it's finally happening

IT'S HAPPENING. IT'S HAPPENING. IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING. The dream Stanley Cup Final match I wanted from the time I started this blog in late 2009, Boston versus Chicago. And I didn't post during this shortened NHL season at all. Oops. Well, I'm reasonably excited. If only I'd been saving money for this since I started the blog...barring a miracle, I'm not attending any games. And the threat of a massive storm kept me from getting shots outside game one at the United Center tonight.

My boring prediction: Blackhawks in six. There are things I wouldn't mind about a Bruins win, but I'm much more going for the Hawks, of course. If for no other reason that unlike 2010 I have a smartphone and I'd love to post live from a parade, or from seeing the Cup in a bar. Whatever happens, I'm able to enjoy this much, much more given that both teams are relatively recent Cup winners who ended a long drought. And it has an odd feeling since tonight's game is the first West-East game this season!

NHL hockey is back


I'd selfishly have preferred the NHL not start playing again till after I finish a difficult move to my new apartment (first move since 2001), and after I'd had a chance o take more AHL/ECHL/USHL trips, but hey, good to see this on my TV again. (And then on illicit feeds on my computer again.)

Note: I did try to post here every day in November for the National Blog Posting Month thing, but just fell behind. I made it halfway through on two different blogs, however, so it's like a did a whole month, right?

My move has given me a chance to sort sports memorabilia I've accumulated the past few years...and when I have a functioning scanner again, I intend to have some fun with it here!