month two begins (and I explain "chippy")

so, Sunday marked one glorious month of this blog (the first couple weeks were on Tumblr; it's still archived there and I might drop in occasionally). I thought I should say a little something (this is also post #50 here, though you never know, I might delete an old one or two).

Saturday night I kept the Penguins broadcast going after their game with the Rangers, and I'm glad I did:

ha! I picked the blog name because "chippy" was an interesting sports (especially hockey) term and it seemed like most hockey terms and slang were already taken for blog names (I also didn't want anything Blackhawks- or Chicago-specific in the name). I Googled the word just to make sure I had the definition correct and stumbled across another meaning:

so the name wouldn't just be a hockey term, it'd be a double entendre. wonderful! I rushed off to start the blog! the first post here is (go figure) a general introduction, but I have yet to write my pieces on 1) how I actually got into hockey and 2) what it's like to follow sports for the first time in my life oh and 3) probably something unnecessary about being a female sports blogger.

in sports blogging I'm starting out as a complete nobody, but I'm already moderately well-known, at least in Chicago (and among architecture and urbanism types) for my other blog and Flickr: stuff about cities and neighborhoods, trains and transit, bicycles, food, books...and most infamously, sneaking into and taking photos of lots and lots of abandoned buildings. I started this blog so I wouldn't bore people in those other venues with too much hockey content.

it's fun but challenging to make a new start. Fallen Leafs (on Tumblr) was the first blogger I corresponded with, Hockey Gone Wild was the first to comment and blogroll me here, Fire Wagon Hockey and Buckeyes are Deadly Nuts were next, and Buckeyes was the first to mention me (and call me "seriously funny"). check them out! (over there, on the blogroll) thanks, everyone so far (possibly at some point other Blackhawks bloggers will even notice me); I look forward to providing you with many more odd screenshots, rambling game descriptions, irrelevant personal news, dumb jokes, and the occasional bit of insight.

...housekeeping: made a few minor changes here today. I'll also add direct links to my Flickr photos of the arenas and ballparks I've visited. now I really need to work on my neglected other blog...

Blackhawks in California (& mood swings) recap

so, after winning the first three games, all in Canada, on their circus trip...
game 1 in California, Hawks vs. San Jose Sharks:
Second City Hockey puts on another Chicago blogger-and-blog-commenter get-together. I head out to the Whirlaway, a terrific neighborhood bar that's a mile walk from my place. lousy weather but I want to watch this with people, especially since the last get-together (my first with this group) was the Hawks getting beat by the Coyotes. there's often homemade food there (thanks!) and since it's Thanksgiving eve, there's a full spread. a big table of savory dishes and a small table of desserts. I get beer and food and oh right, there's a game... 

Hawks score a zillion times. shorthanded goal, then another and another (Hossa's first goal for the Hawks and then one by Sharp happening within thirty seconds of each other on the Sharks' power play...I am speechless). Hawks aren't the greatest at scoring on their own PP, but if they want to score a bunch of times on their opponents', I'm fine with that. then four more goals, including another by Hossa. this is ridiculous. I expected maybe a Hossa goal and a close game (with either team winning), not THIS. (since both the other teams I follow--Maple Leafs and Bruins--had won that night, I wasn't sure Chicago would too.)

but by late in the game, I'm expecting a Hossa hat trick AND a Huet shutout AND for members of the Sharks to have to come clean out the mildewy parts of my pantry I've been afraid to touch. but then, Sharks quickly score twice in the last few minutes (oops to all the Sharks fans that understandably had left the game by then) and turn our hilarious 7-0 shutout into a mere 7-2 blowout.

mood: giddy, drunk, exhilarated, drunk, disbelieving, actually I wasn't all that drunk, happy, arrogant, prideful, what are the 7 deadly sins? pretty sure I covered them all that night (had several plates of food at the bar, anyway). the mood lasts, well, at least I have a good 16 hours or so till I find someone making an obnoxious rape "joke" about the Hawks win in comments on a Hawks blog. BUT! never mind that now, I'll just repress my rage put on a smile and work on my revenge address that later. moving on, game 2 in California, Hawks vs. Anaheim Ducks:

with all due respect to the real Hawks bloggers out there, this screenshot was the best description of the game. how nice of them to write this recap--and during the first period, too! okay, the game came back on (Ducks scored their first goal while it was off) and it wasn't pretty.

except for the above. the only good thing I got out of this game--noticing what a truly handsome (or hjandsome, if you prefer. no, you don't.) fellow Hjalmarsson is. game winds up Ducks 3-Hawks 0. zero? ZERO? I don't even know what that means anymore!

mood: stunned, angry, humiliated. headed out immediately to catch the Chicago Wolves game (of which more later. I'm glad I went, but DAMN I wish I'd seen the Maple Leafs 6-4 win that night). and so, game 3 in California, Hawks vs. L.A. Kings:

seriously, Yahoo? technical difficulties again? they did switch to the game about 5 minutes in. it doesn't seem super eventful (it was late and I was getting distracted, though). Kings score first. Toews scores a power play goal much later and I'm giddy we at least won't be shut out again. OT, nothing happens except a penalty. shootout (one of the 6 last night, as noted in the prior post). Kings get one, Hawks don't, Kings get one, Hawks don't, it's over.

(bonus Hjalmers, to distract me from thinking of any attractive talented Swedish guys who might be on other Midwestern teams. must forget that...forget that...)

mood: disappointed, but not wanting to seem greedy. 9 out of 12 possible points on the road trip is VERY good. I honestly didn't expect to win this many. psychologically, with 6 games, I would have preferred the losses in, say, games 2 & 3, or 3 & 5, though...

overall, great job on the trip and I'll be at the Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets game Tuesday. Hossa's first home game with the Hawks! free winter hat night! third jerseys debut! and I got a game ticket for $13.50! really, $13.50!

in an uncertain world...'s nice to know there are some things you can count on:

all screenshots taken during a very busy night of watching hockey online, 11/28/09. the hat trick was of course Crosby (for an eventual 8-3 defeat of the Rangers, on Fleury's birthday, too!)--wow, all that hat-picking-up really takes up time in a game. bonus cliche--a feature during a Penguins game where they show cute pictures with the Stanley Cup, which I'm sure no one is tired of seeing, unless they're a fan of any of the other 29 teams:

last night also featured shootouts in 6 of the 13 games. in fact, I watched three different games where the home team led 3-2, then the visiting team tied it with less than a minute left in the third period, then no one scored in OT, and it went to SO. (even eerier, two of these, Senators @ Bruins and Capitals @ Canadiens, were virtually at the same time) visitors won two (Caps, and Red Wings @ Blues), but fortunately the Bruins won theirs.

now, I can't say I wanted the Wings to win, of course, but I was getting worried for the mental health of the Wings bloggers I read. the team was on their longest scoreless streak since 1977, so many of these bloggers probably hadn't seen them do that badly in their lifetime...

wait, haven't there been Hawks games recently too? yes, yes, that'll be a separate post. (as will a special one-month-of-a-little-chippy! post tonight. time to get more chai, or whiskey)

for no apparent reason, Golfland!

occasionally I'll allude to the existence of other sports besides hockey here. I have nothing to say about golf, except uh, interesting story involving a golf player this weekend (I haven't kept up with all the Deadspin rumors yet), and since I need to run an errand before I have time to write several hockey blog posts today, I'll just post these photos of the abandoned "Golfland" in River Grove, IL. it's west of Chicago, and near the recently closed (I can't call it "abandoned," which would be far more exciting) Kiddieland amusement park,  which I've also photographed, and near the Triton College baseball field which I could have trespassed in, but didn't.

glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #3 & 4 in an ongoing series

haven't posted these in a bit. I'm feeling lazy and uninspired after yesterday's games, so here's something quick so I can go out and get some sunshine. I'll try to catch up when I'm back home tonight watching Bruins, Hawks, etc.  hopefully the games will be exciting enough for me not to have to waste time going through my NHL player guide coming up with puns for future headlines...

that one's not so bad--seeing his name a lot would help me remember it's "Antti" not "Antii" as I've incorrectly posted...

some Bruins & Hawks news

Bad news: Lucic is injured, after playing just a few games after returning from another injury. Out for around four weeks with a sprained ankle from the Minnesota Wild game Wednesday.

Good news: I'm disappointed he might not be here for the Bruins @ Blackhawks game Dec. 18, but I've realized that's kind of the can't-miss game for me as someone who's a fan of/half-assed blogger for both teams. I just checked tickets and saw a single ticket $8 cheaper than the one I thought I'd have to get came up, and I got it! (Also, watched the Bruins history DVD last night and was pleased to realize I already knew almost everything on it--but it's a nice DVD to have around.)

Probably awesome news: NEW BLACKHAWKS THIRD JERSEYS ON SALE TODAY. How'd I miss the build-up to this? Here's a very nice write-up at Hockey Blog in Canada.

Fucking hilarious news: I first read the Lucic story on, and when it appeared it had a great typo in it (hint: at the end). I wonder if they'll fix it...

Happy Black Friday everyone! I might run to the Wal-Mart in Chicago (not far from me) to take a few photos of the madness, in between watching the B's and Hawks games online. Aw, look, it's the NHL store (Habs and Wings, yikes). They have a "buy one, get one 30% off" discount today, but can't fool me--that's just a more complicated version of the 15% off sale they run occasionally...

Thanksgiving and a birthday

lots of blogs, hockey or otherwise, were off for (American) Thanksgiving (spending all this time on hockey sites means I now have to clarify everything as American or Canadian), but a bunch weren't and I saw quite a few "what I'm thankful for" posts, so here's my contribution relevant to this blog. I'm thankful for:
1) hockey existing
2) the Blackhawks doing really, really well (and the Bruins and Chicago Wolves improving)
3) anyone who reads/comments on/links to this blog

okay, so 3) needs a LOT of work. I didn't do much today except spend a little time in downtown Chicago. and now I'm settling in with fancy hard cider and possibly a sweet potato-macaroni & cheese combination, and watching some of The History of the Boston Bruins DVD I got cheap from Amazon recently.

oh and happy 92nd birthday to the NHL today, as a few sites informed me it was. (image above was a somewhat random one posted on as a Canucks-Blackhawks preview) and apologies to the NHL that I kinda ignored it for its first 91 years. I'm making up for lost time...

how Victoria's Secret RUINED hockey for Chicago men (apparently)

it's time I warned you: this is a sports blog written by a woman, and as a ladyblogger who sometimes likes men, sometimes I might imply that some hockey players are somewhat attractive. CALM DOWN, I think you can handle this. unless you're a guy on the Blackhawks' Facebook page. when the site posted items about voting for Patrick Sharp in Victoria's Secret's "What's Sexy Now Chicago" contest (held in conjunction with the relocation of their flagship store on Michigan Avenue--oh damn, I just gave them even more free publicity), some first comments from men:

"uh no thanks. lol" "What? No real Blackhawks updates?" "This is hockey, not a fashion show ladies. We want a Stanley Cup, not pretty-boys!!!" (aw, can't we have both?) "who gives a rats ass about the sexiest athlete!!!! we want the Stanley Cup!! forget this BS !!! its HOCKEY not some fag sport!"


yes, it was silly, and not "real" news about the team, and I could easily summon up a rant about how a contest like this is all about consumerism and advertising and beauty standards and whatnot, but c'mon--this is publicity for hockey! as I've complained before and no doubt will again many times, every minor little thing the Bears and Cubs do or say is news for days, yet the Blackhawks, who as of today have the longest winning streak in the NHL and are #2 in the league, don't get in-depth coverage.

it could bring new fans to the game (not that the Hawks have trouble filling up the United Center). if they notice the sexiness first then get into the game itself, I don't mind (as long as they sit down during games and don't yell anything stupid, I don't really care who's at the UC. not all of us can brag about how we grew up hockey fans, you know...especially those of us who grew up in the middle of Iowa...)

if a guy doesn't want this to show up in his browser history or have someone see it over his shoulder at work--fine. but if a straight guy can handle the oppressive chore of having to go to the Victoria's Secret website, and figure out the scroll bar on the contest page (it took me a few tries; the design could be better), he could vote Sharp for sexiest athlete (Brian Urlacher and Derrick Rose were the other choices, btw) and Blackhawks for sexiest team. then click the "no homo" button, so people know you're just doing this to promote hockey.

seriously, it doesn't affect the sport and it doesn't affect the Stanley Cup chances (given how many things over the course of 48 years have messed that up...). it doesn't affect your masculinity to acknowledge there are people who find hockey players--including Blackhawks!--attractive. hey, the Hawks blog Hockeenight posted an item about the contest, and that's undeniably a manly hockey blog with swearing and fight videos and whatnot.

now, I'll keep you updated on this story, but posting sexy photos and writing up fake dates with hockey players and discussing crushes isn't really my thing so there won't be much of it here (I enjoy all this stuff on other blogs, however). but I will leave you with an item, about the Bruins @ Blues game Monday I was already sad about missing in person and missing online. from Fire Wagon Hockey:

"Milan Lucic deflected the GWG into the net with his crotch. Now there's a SLIM possibility it grazed his hip on the way in but I am prrrrrrrrrrrretty sure it grazed his jock and changed direction."

"Lucic," "goal," and "crotch" all in the same sentence...I hope you will understand the truly heroic restraint I am showing by not making any kind of followup comment to that. dammit...

Hawks vs. Canucks, football vs. hockey...

a little more about the Chicago Wolves: Committed Indians wonders if Chris Chelios, who plays for them now, could somehow return to the Blackhawks if Sopel and Barker were traded. I'm going to say that's unlikely...(Third String Goalie features Chelios' 1991-92 Blackhawks jersey today because "on this date in 2006, Chris Chelios passed Phil Housley as the all-time leader in games played by an American born player when he skated in his 1,496th game...")

oh, and the hat I mentioned, worn the next day in Chicago's Loop. here, I bring together my love of cute winter hats, hockey, public transportation, and not smiling in photos: I got back from the diner Sunday and had an hour I could have watched the Bears-Eagles game, but didn't. nothing against football, but I have trouble getting into a sport where there are so few games that every one becomes such an event (and dominates the news all week, news space that could be used to discuss, I don't know, hockey?). also, it's been years since I've seen football in person and I never entirely learned the rules (look, do you expect me to fill up my ladybrain with the rules of more than one or two sports? I can't, not when I need to be able to remember things like which trains use F40PH locomotives).

anyway, Blackhawks @ Canucks finally started at 9, their first meet since Willie Mitchell hit Captain Toews and he was out weeks with a concussion. there's other, uh, tension between these teams (sadly, I wasn't paying close attention to the Hawks when the line brawl which included Duncan Keith getting his hair pulled happened, March '09). no major incidents this time except a Ben Eager-Rick Rypien fight, but overall the game was, well, a little chippy:
Bryan Bickell got his first goal for the Hawks, but got sent back to the Rockford IceHogs the next day (Hawks salary issues, of course). Antti Niemi got an amazing shutout. I'm not sure how someone other than maybe the Canucks' goalie was a "star" in a shutout game, but here you go. Keith is star of almost every freaking game this season (I'm not complaining).

Wolves vs. Stars 11/22/09

I made the CTA/Pace bus trek out to Rosemont Sunday afternoon for my first Chicago Wolves game in a while; they'd been away (played Sat. night too, but I was watching the Hawks and other games online). I got there just before the game started and bought an upper-level seat this time for the match against the Texas Stars (their NHL affiliation is a little easier to figure out than the Wolves'). I won't describe the game in too much detail (you'll note this will be a recurring theme here), so...

Stars scored one goal in the first period. Wolves tied it in the second. Near the end of the 2nd, FIGHT! And a real one (sorry, Blackhawks [to be another recurring theme here, how Hawks fights never get rated much higher than 4/10 on, I mean, I care much more that they win GAMES, but that's a bit embarrassing])--I immediately looked at the game day stat sheet thing (how'd I miss getting one of these at all the other games?) and noticed both fighters led their team in PIM. Josh Gratton (Wolves) vs. Luke Gazdic (Stars) video here. Intermission: I didn't get a free t-shirt or cookie or anything. Scoreboard showed that the Manchester Monarchs were beating the Providence Bruins 4-2 (a game the first blogger to blogroll this blog mentioned he'd be at); I find out later the Bruins came back and won 5-4. Third period: Wolves score again. Two minutes left, Stars pull their goalie. Wolves immediately score again. Goalie reappears. Something happens and Wolves get a penalty with 5 seconds left. WIN! My first Wolves game with a win AND a fight. I buy a Wolves winter cap on the way out--my first hockey apparel of any kind. (But I have pages of stuff I want to buy from several teams secretly bookmarked on Delicious.)

After the Pace bus and CTA train, I stopped at a Walgreens a couple miles from home, but it'd moved across the street to a dazzling new building and the store is all shiny and balloon-filled. Bought a Sunday paper, and weak with hunger, went to the 24-hour diner across the street. I'm not even sure what the place is called (one of those places that has no name, or several different ones on the signs and menus [one place like that, I didn't know what it was called till I saw it in the paper shut down for a health code violation]), but I like it, and drank lots of coffee and had a BLT club with fries and watched the TV tuned to the Sunday night football (Eagles at Bears, uh oh) pregame show. And then got home, all caffeinated and waiting for the late Blackhawks @ Canucks game...

Another recent Gratton fight, versus Matt Kassian (Houston Aeros) (rated 8.7 on, but it's a small sample). (I haven't learned to post videos in Blogger yet but I will soon...)

10 games on a Monday night is just cruel

I know there's a lot of NHL games scheduled tonight, but THIS is ridiculous...heh, it was corrected when I checked again. but no matter what I do and where I go I can't get a live feed of the Bruins @ Blues game...which for weeks I thought I might actually go to--especially when I noticed a 100-level seat available for $55. I've still only been in upper levels for NHL games. I haven't done a St. Louis daytrip in a long time. and Lukic is back, and Savard is back tonight. [update: BRUINS WIN 4-2 and there was a fight. would have been a good one in person, oh well.] I lost the Islanders @ Leafs feed, too. instead, I've kept an eye on Rangers @ Blue Jackets, Red Wings @ Predators, Flyers @ Avalanche, uh, I'm listening to a rebroadcast of Chicago Public Radio's Chicago news/arts show "848" right now (not sure if the sports report, which I heard this morning, said much about the Hawks [update: nope] or if it just went on and on about the losing Bears and Bulls), then I'll be listening to the Hawks blog Hockeenight's podcast [update: except for when it cut out--problems with my computer? and I had to restart everything]. and of course I'm drinking coffee at night [update: whiskey & cola now]. tomorrow night I'll have to find something else to do with my time. (reports on the Wolves and Hawks yesterday still on the way...I'm a little distracted right now.)

Hawks vs. Canucks 11/22/09

of which more later, I actually have somewhere to be this morning. I'm trying to cut down on my use of exclamation points in things I write elsewhere on the internet (makes me seem too excited/not serious enough, maybe) so I'll use some up here:

ANTTI NIEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the HNIC report for 11/21/09

I got this blog finally up and running (i.e., moved nearly all my Tumblr content to Blogger) yesterday, and celebrated with...a Saturday night exactly like my past few. Discovering how to watch Hockey Night in Canada online = precipitous decline of Social Life in Chicago. But it was a good one last night. (And since I'm here now, I can promote my other blog by linking to how I got free beer at my local liquor store. It's relevant--I was drinking some of it last night.)

Capitals @ Maple Leafs and Red Wings @ Canadiens both started at 6:00 Central, but it took a long time for me to find working feeds for those (and I lost the Leafs one for a while). The feed I found for the latter game was in French, the first time I've ever watched sports in French. It's the "LNH"! I'm still learning hockey lingo in English, honestly, so I'm not sure what everything above means. I understood the Boston Pizza ad in French, later. Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Boston Pizza? That ad was the most exciting part of the game for me, not that the French shouting wasn't entertaining...

The Habs had somewhat surprisingly beat the Caps the night before, and the Leafs had surprisingly beat the Wings two weeks earlier, so I was actually prepared to NOT be surprised if both Canadian teams won last night, too.  I hadn't before tried a screenshot of two games at once, but when both games went to a shootout at the same time, and I noticed it was two games of underperforming Canadian teams wearing blue and white (Habs were in retro jerseys again) versus highly ranked (well, not so much the Wings right now) American teams in red, I couldn't resist.

Canadiens lost. I wasn't rooting for them but against the Wings, of course. Oh well. The 30th-place Leafs beat the 2nd-place Caps. I had a hunch that could happen, even with Ovechkin playing, but I never jumped into the game thread discussion on Pension Plan Puppets, not wanting to jinx it somehow. Then the Blackhawks-Oilers game was on, and I listened to the WGN radio broadcast while watching a feed of the game that ranged from being about 30 seconds behind the radio to about 1:15 behind. Well, at least I don't miss any of the goals that way, which is more than I can say for the games I've attended in person. 

Questionable goal with 0.01 seconds left in the second period. It was overruled (both the Hawks and Oilers SB Nation game threads agreed it should be) but the incorrect score was up for a while, at least on the Oilers site. Oops. Hawks won 5-2 (Toews' first game this season with two goals), and I was so hyper when I checked the standings and saw Chicago 3rd in the entire league (2nd in Western as long as the Sharks keep winning--I had my eye on the Sharks-Ducks game at the same time as the Hawks one) I didn't get around to writing this last night.

good news! maybe!

all the content from a little chippy on Tumblr (minus a piece I want to redo) is moved to this blog now. all new posts from now on, so I'll be commenting all over the place and following people (feel free to follow me back...) and doing what I can to promote this. now, to work on my other Blogger blog...

if you're new here (virtually everyone is) please read the introductory post. I appreciate getting comments on new posts and old ones (the old ones were originally posted on Tumblr, where people don't comment).

for the Blackhawks fan who has everything (not necessarily including good taste)

sports-themed furniture at a market at the 2009 Pierogi Fest in Whiting, Indiana (for non-Chicagoans, that’s a town between Chicago and Hammond, IN, best known for the fest. and the BP refinery). “1988” is why Second City Hockey’s nickname for Toews-Kane is “Daydream Nation,” btw.

Chicago vs. Calgary 11/19/09

WHO OWNS THE FLAMES? well, technically, N. Murray Edwards, Harley N. Hotchkiss, etc.; but colloquially? the BLACKHAWKS. 7-1 win in Calgary. nice start to 6-game road trip, nice 21st birthday for Patrick Kane. (I didn’t get around to posting about that in a timely manner, like to say that in his next drunken altercation, at least he’ll be breaking one fewer law. and that he should drink a few for me, since I was too lazy to walk the extra block to the liquor store today, and only had a bottle of Schlitz to get me through the game tonight.) so much stuff I won’t even try to recap it now.

in other news, the Leafs game was heartbreaking and the Bruins game was agonizingly close (but they won, and Lukic is back). in other other news, I'm still moving the Tumblr blog content over here (this sentence won't make sense when it looks like I've been doing this blog continuously since October...) but that'll have to wait till I get up and have caffeine again.

recommended reading

I picked up this 2007 book at the Barnes & Noble in downtown Minneapolis the other day. for the money ($23 paperback) it’s a huge book filled with stories, statistics, history, and photos, including a color section, about the North Stars (1967-1993, till they became the Dallas Stars, of course) and Met Center (1967-1994, till it became a Mall of America parking lot). also, more books should be signed with silver Sharpies:

GODDAMMIT I MISS THE NORRIS DIVISION. except for not knowing what the Norris Division was while it was actually around. (hey, neither did my [slightly older] friend who got me into hockey, either, so I don’t feel so bad…)

Monday in Minneapolis

I fell behind on this blog because I took a daytrip revolving around my big non-hockey interests, like trains. this is the 4th-ever inbound Metro Transit Northstar commuter train on its first day of service in Minneapolis. I didn’t get to ride it, I just took photos. then I rode the light rail from the new Target Field station that opened two days earlier (it’s a level above the TF Northstar station).

oh, and took photos of Target Field itself, which’ll be open for the next Twins season, of course. it’s come a long way since I last saw it in Dec. 2008. I heard the Twins were debuting their new uniforms at noon Monday, but wasn’t sure where, so I missed that. I also checked up on the Metrodome (especially easy since it’s right by the stop for my Megabus home). some baseball decor remains, but it’s mostly covered in Vikings colors now, and has a big banner declaring it “Mall of America Field” (wait, did I miss that it’d been renamed?) [ETA: it's "Mall of America Field at Metrodome," technically]. I also spent a while looking at hockey books at a store, so it’s not like I went a day without the addiction (even if I did miss a night of watching NHL games online).


came home from the Hawks-Leafs game and checked on the other scores, saw this typo? joke? Freudian slip? that was still on the NHL site the next morning. one of many high-scoring and/or lopsided NHL games this week (9-1, 7-0, 7-4, 8-2, 6-5). I missed a day here! back to my regular posting frequency here soon…

yes, Ice Girls.

I've had a sports-blog-thing for 2 whole weeks now and have yet to post any gratuitous shots of scantily-clad women (the Whalers jersey pic from Flickr was more “artsy”), so here’s the Ice Crew before the Hawks-Wild game at the United Center last month. (it’s blurry, I don’t have a good camera)

LET’S NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN. well, unless I get another shot of them, I suppose…

[I could swear this was reblogged on Tumblr with something like "WE SUPPORT ICE GIRLS REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION" but when copying it here I noticed the reblog was gone. huh...]

the sweet potato fries I mentioned a couple days ago...

were they SO GOOD they were worth missing the first goal of Monday’s game for? no, they are fucking not. but the Hawks were considerate enough to go on to score 3 more against the Kings (including two—TWO!!! power play goals) that night, winning 4-1. I got to see the Kings star scorer Kopitar get one, too, which is fine as long as we ended up beating them. lots of penalties, Toews & Eager’s return from injuries, Toews looked good and scored a goal and wasn’t even one of the 3 stars of the game…I’m glad I bought a last-minute ticket!
oh, and the fries ARE good, I’m just annoyed they’re only sold on the 100 level at the United Center so a trek from the 300s takes nearly the whole time between periods. here I am waiting for a break in the action. some guy who must not have been to a hockey game before was wondering why he couldn’t get through us. no, we’re just idiots standing here to block YOU…
part of my theory (theory!) behind starting a sports blog thing is that it’ll force me to post frequently and in a timely fashion, something I’ve failed at in my other Internet endeavors. you’re seeing how well THAT’S turned out…

glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #2 in an ongoing series

well, “Wings shred Jackets” (Columbus getting defeated at home in a humiliating 9-1 game) isn’t so bad, except it prompts me into dumb questions like “if they’d lost 2-1, would it just be ‘Wings Slightly Damage Jackets with Inadequate Dry-Cleaning’?”  also, is “down” and “Ducks” a pun, or am I just really coat-fixated right now? (I could also talk about how months ago I inadvertently discovered some people have a fetish for women in puffy/down coats, but never mind.) anyway, not that I’d celebrate a big Red Wings win like that, but the Jackets losing and Hawks winning meant THIS came up online that night:

#1 in Central! #3 Western! #8 overall! it was all true two days ago, anyway…

what women want, apparently

I couldn’t find a feed of the Canucks @ Red Wings game tonight (I watched substantial amounts of 5 others…odd that I could only find a Florida broadcast of the Panthers @ Bruins game; it was the first NHL game I’ve watched with no score till the shootout [I had the misfortune of being at an AHL game where that happened], and the feed ended early so I didn’t even realize Bruins lost), so all I’ve seen is this fight, which obviously brightened these women’s day. (Wings won, too)

Blackhawks 1973-74 yearbook, p. 8

oops, I need to pick up the pace posting from the Chicago Black Hawks 1973-74 yearbook. here, Meet the Trainers! nice shirts

glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #1 in an ongoing series

I’m sure I’ll have many more examples this season. this was Zdeno Chara’s (I guess non-hockey fans would know him as the big naked guy in the ESPN “Body Issue”) first goal of the season, 11/7/09. B’s hadn’t had a win, or a fight, in a few games, but this game delivered on both counts. I was watching some other ones that night, however.

at least they didn't say "Gary Wolves"...

here's an item from the Chicago Wolves (Atlanta Thrashers AHL affiliate) website. I’ve been to a few of their games this year and keep meaning to post photos or something. as of now they’re last in the Western Conference.

“When fellow passengers witness 23 or so, mostly young athletic men, board a flight there is sure to be some curiosity. Here is how things typically went down PC (Pre-Chelios):

Are you a soccer team? College Choir? Or my favorite, are you a Latin Dance Troupe? The people who asked that question obviously weren’t paying attention when Brian Sipotz and Brett Sterling were boarding. Very rarely did people come up with the correct answer of a hockey team.
Now the team is the toast of the plane, signing autographs and answering questions to non-hockey fans. I honestly overheard “didn’t he play for the Detroit Wolves” on the flight back.”

whoa, empty net goal...

...scored with 3.5 seconds left against a team already getting shut out. Bruins defeat Penguins at home 3-0
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the captain is back!

Toews (and Eager) will play the Kings tonight, and I’m off to the United Center now. was all set to buy the cheapest single-seat I could find ($24) when in the few seconds I searched for my account password, a $17 one came up. nice. someone’s going to splurge on sweet potato fries tonight.

can I really build an entire blog around random screenshots from hockey games seen on live internet feeds of iffy quality? let's see

feeling a bit queasy from the cheesecake in the previous post, here’s something else…I don’t know quite what this is, but it’s from a 11/7 game:

another example of jerseys/sweaters of defunct hockey teams, these fans were spotted at the 11/8 Avalanche @ Oilers game:


from the "women in a sports jersey" group on Flickr

it was quite a night of hockey-watching last night, good and bad, but rather than recap that right now, here’s something I found on Flickr while I was watching games online. I thought it’d be appreciated by anyone who likes conventionally attractive blond women and/or vintage hockey jerseys (the, uh, creative lipstick color bugs me, though). link to this on Flickr
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it'll be Hockey Night in Canada on a computer in Chicago

it’s a beautiful day in Chicago, and I will go out, but then I’ll be back for HNIC. long story, but I’d never seen it until last month. and once you get used to watching live feeds of Canadian TV on the internet, you’ll NEVER WANT TO WATCH ANYTHING ELSE. or maybe that’s just me.

I mean, I’ve been to Tim Horton’s (in Buffalo and Providence), but never seen an ad for one. they have reasonably-priced lattes and the whole office was excited! then I saw an ad for the Canadian military! and apparently, there’s Subway and Taco Bell up there, too. (note: while I saw the glittering lights of Windsor yet again, just a few days ago, I haven’t actually set foot in Canada since 2001.) and don’t even get me started on Boston Pizza (which I looked up after the seeing the name in a rink): bell pepper pizza with guacamole and sour cream on it? a pierogi pizza? how horrible/wonderful does that sound? time to renew my passport!
and, of course I finally saw THIS: