the HNIC report for 11/21/09

I got this blog finally up and running (i.e., moved nearly all my Tumblr content to Blogger) yesterday, and celebrated with...a Saturday night exactly like my past few. Discovering how to watch Hockey Night in Canada online = precipitous decline of Social Life in Chicago. But it was a good one last night. (And since I'm here now, I can promote my other blog by linking to how I got free beer at my local liquor store. It's relevant--I was drinking some of it last night.)

Capitals @ Maple Leafs and Red Wings @ Canadiens both started at 6:00 Central, but it took a long time for me to find working feeds for those (and I lost the Leafs one for a while). The feed I found for the latter game was in French, the first time I've ever watched sports in French. It's the "LNH"! I'm still learning hockey lingo in English, honestly, so I'm not sure what everything above means. I understood the Boston Pizza ad in French, later. Have I mentioned I'm obsessed with Boston Pizza? That ad was the most exciting part of the game for me, not that the French shouting wasn't entertaining...

The Habs had somewhat surprisingly beat the Caps the night before, and the Leafs had surprisingly beat the Wings two weeks earlier, so I was actually prepared to NOT be surprised if both Canadian teams won last night, too.  I hadn't before tried a screenshot of two games at once, but when both games went to a shootout at the same time, and I noticed it was two games of underperforming Canadian teams wearing blue and white (Habs were in retro jerseys again) versus highly ranked (well, not so much the Wings right now) American teams in red, I couldn't resist.

Canadiens lost. I wasn't rooting for them but against the Wings, of course. Oh well. The 30th-place Leafs beat the 2nd-place Caps. I had a hunch that could happen, even with Ovechkin playing, but I never jumped into the game thread discussion on Pension Plan Puppets, not wanting to jinx it somehow. Then the Blackhawks-Oilers game was on, and I listened to the WGN radio broadcast while watching a feed of the game that ranged from being about 30 seconds behind the radio to about 1:15 behind. Well, at least I don't miss any of the goals that way, which is more than I can say for the games I've attended in person. 

Questionable goal with 0.01 seconds left in the second period. It was overruled (both the Hawks and Oilers SB Nation game threads agreed it should be) but the incorrect score was up for a while, at least on the Oilers site. Oops. Hawks won 5-2 (Toews' first game this season with two goals), and I was so hyper when I checked the standings and saw Chicago 3rd in the entire league (2nd in Western as long as the Sharks keep winning--I had my eye on the Sharks-Ducks game at the same time as the Hawks one) I didn't get around to writing this last night.


Anonymous said...

With my Quebec ancestry, I can translate that first screen cap for you. It says, "Shocker: Detroit has a crapload of good European players. Again."

And when will the Canadiens run out of these fashion monstrosities? I'd imagine the Habs dressing room before such games like the scene in Slap Shot when they're all getting dressed for the fashion show if it weren't for the general opinion in Boston that most Montreal players secretly enjoy putting on vaguely effeminate costumes and twirling about the ice for a few hours.

Lastly, you're a Chicagoan who prefers Boston style pizza? Am I reading that correctly? How is it you haven't yet been chased out of town by a mob of angry, torch wielding villagers?

k of c said...

I'm actually part French, and I believe I took French all through high school, so I can translate it if not speak it (just like living in Chicago for years, and half of it in a Puerto Rican neighborhood, I can read Spanish reasonably well).

The Habs bloggers seem as distraught as anyone about these weird jerseys--especially since these ones are so reminiscent of the Leafs.

Oh, see the "Boston Pizza" tag for an explanation. I don't know about actual Boston-style pizza; it's the name of a Canadian chain that offers, among other items, a pepper pizza with guacamole on it. I keep meaning to ask Canadians about it...

I have been known to put ketchup on hot dogs, a huge offense here--but I'll only do it at out-of-town ballparks.