at least they didn't say "Gary Wolves"...

here's an item from the Chicago Wolves (Atlanta Thrashers AHL affiliate) website. I’ve been to a few of their games this year and keep meaning to post photos or something. as of now they’re last in the Western Conference.

“When fellow passengers witness 23 or so, mostly young athletic men, board a flight there is sure to be some curiosity. Here is how things typically went down PC (Pre-Chelios):

Are you a soccer team? College Choir? Or my favorite, are you a Latin Dance Troupe? The people who asked that question obviously weren’t paying attention when Brian Sipotz and Brett Sterling were boarding. Very rarely did people come up with the correct answer of a hockey team.
Now the team is the toast of the plane, signing autographs and answering questions to non-hockey fans. I honestly overheard “didn’t he play for the Detroit Wolves” on the flight back.”

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