Thanksgiving and a birthday

lots of blogs, hockey or otherwise, were off for (American) Thanksgiving (spending all this time on hockey sites means I now have to clarify everything as American or Canadian), but a bunch weren't and I saw quite a few "what I'm thankful for" posts, so here's my contribution relevant to this blog. I'm thankful for:
1) hockey existing
2) the Blackhawks doing really, really well (and the Bruins and Chicago Wolves improving)
3) anyone who reads/comments on/links to this blog

okay, so 3) needs a LOT of work. I didn't do much today except spend a little time in downtown Chicago. and now I'm settling in with fancy hard cider and possibly a sweet potato-macaroni & cheese combination, and watching some of The History of the Boston Bruins DVD I got cheap from Amazon recently.

oh and happy 92nd birthday to the NHL today, as a few sites informed me it was. (image above was a somewhat random one posted on as a Canucks-Blackhawks preview) and apologies to the NHL that I kinda ignored it for its first 91 years. I'm making up for lost time...

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