some Bruins & Hawks news

Bad news: Lucic is injured, after playing just a few games after returning from another injury. Out for around four weeks with a sprained ankle from the Minnesota Wild game Wednesday.

Good news: I'm disappointed he might not be here for the Bruins @ Blackhawks game Dec. 18, but I've realized that's kind of the can't-miss game for me as someone who's a fan of/half-assed blogger for both teams. I just checked tickets and saw a single ticket $8 cheaper than the one I thought I'd have to get came up, and I got it! (Also, watched the Bruins history DVD last night and was pleased to realize I already knew almost everything on it--but it's a nice DVD to have around.)

Probably awesome news: NEW BLACKHAWKS THIRD JERSEYS ON SALE TODAY. How'd I miss the build-up to this? Here's a very nice write-up at Hockey Blog in Canada.

Fucking hilarious news: I first read the Lucic story on, and when it appeared it had a great typo in it (hint: at the end). I wonder if they'll fix it...

Happy Black Friday everyone! I might run to the Wal-Mart in Chicago (not far from me) to take a few photos of the madness, in between watching the B's and Hawks games online. Aw, look, it's the NHL store (Habs and Wings, yikes). They have a "buy one, get one 30% off" discount today, but can't fool me--that's just a more complicated version of the 15% off sale they run occasionally...

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Anonymous said...

It's weird how lost the team can be without Lucic. For such a young guy he already the "spiritual leader" on the ice, hitting, rallying the team, scoring, etc. First game after he went down they promptly lost, snapping their 4-game win streak. Very frustrating for B's fans.

The good news is that when he finally gets back his finger will have healed enough that he can drop the gloves again. Get the stitches ready.

Minnesota Mild... I like that.