10 games on a Monday night is just cruel

I know there's a lot of NHL games scheduled tonight, but THIS is ridiculous...heh, it was corrected when I checked again. but no matter what I do and where I go I can't get a live feed of the Bruins @ Blues game...which for weeks I thought I might actually go to--especially when I noticed a 100-level seat available for $55. I've still only been in upper levels for NHL games. I haven't done a St. Louis daytrip in a long time. and Lukic is back, and Savard is back tonight. [update: BRUINS WIN 4-2 and there was a fight. would have been a good one in person, oh well.] I lost the Islanders @ Leafs feed, too. instead, I've kept an eye on Rangers @ Blue Jackets, Red Wings @ Predators, Flyers @ Avalanche, uh, I'm listening to a rebroadcast of Chicago Public Radio's Chicago news/arts show "848" right now (not sure if the sports report, which I heard this morning, said much about the Hawks [update: nope] or if it just went on and on about the losing Bears and Bulls), then I'll be listening to the Hawks blog Hockeenight's podcast [update: except for when it cut out--problems with my computer? and I had to restart everything]. and of course I'm drinking coffee at night [update: whiskey & cola now]. tomorrow night I'll have to find something else to do with my time. (reports on the Wolves and Hawks yesterday still on the way...I'm a little distracted right now.)

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