glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #2 in an ongoing series

well, “Wings shred Jackets” (Columbus getting defeated at home in a humiliating 9-1 game) isn’t so bad, except it prompts me into dumb questions like “if they’d lost 2-1, would it just be ‘Wings Slightly Damage Jackets with Inadequate Dry-Cleaning’?”  also, is “down” and “Ducks” a pun, or am I just really coat-fixated right now? (I could also talk about how months ago I inadvertently discovered some people have a fetish for women in puffy/down coats, but never mind.) anyway, not that I’d celebrate a big Red Wings win like that, but the Jackets losing and Hawks winning meant THIS came up online that night:

#1 in Central! #3 Western! #8 overall! it was all true two days ago, anyway…

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