I hate shootouts.

I hate agonizingly long shootouts that the Blackhawks win against the Avalanche and I hate agonizingly long shootouts they lose, like tonight. I watched the Leafs win!!! and kept reading their very active SB Nation blog thread without ever delurking. I made extremely minor contributions to the Hawks blog thread, and checked in on the Avs one. then I saw one of the Leafs bloggers pop into the Avs thread and cheer them on and felt hurt somehow, especially since I was maybe going to delurk tomorrow and cheer the Leafs on against the Wings. then I realized all this imaginary drama I’m stewing in (when I have yet to post on any hockey blogs anywhere except the Hawks one) means I’m just FREAKING INSANE or something and went off to read a book and finish my beer.
[ETA: fallenleafs on Tumblr reblogged this with an invite to "De-lurk and come join us at Pension Plan Puppets. We have loads of fun in Game Day Threads...", and I did...]

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