Monday in Minneapolis

I fell behind on this blog because I took a daytrip revolving around my big non-hockey interests, like trains. this is the 4th-ever inbound Metro Transit Northstar commuter train on its first day of service in Minneapolis. I didn’t get to ride it, I just took photos. then I rode the light rail from the new Target Field station that opened two days earlier (it’s a level above the TF Northstar station).

oh, and took photos of Target Field itself, which’ll be open for the next Twins season, of course. it’s come a long way since I last saw it in Dec. 2008. I heard the Twins were debuting their new uniforms at noon Monday, but wasn’t sure where, so I missed that. I also checked up on the Metrodome (especially easy since it’s right by the stop for my Megabus home). some baseball decor remains, but it’s mostly covered in Vikings colors now, and has a big banner declaring it “Mall of America Field” (wait, did I miss that it’d been renamed?) [ETA: it's "Mall of America Field at Metrodome," technically]. I also spent a while looking at hockey books at a store, so it’s not like I went a day without the addiction (even if I did miss a night of watching NHL games online).

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