it'll be Hockey Night in Canada on a computer in Chicago

it’s a beautiful day in Chicago, and I will go out, but then I’ll be back for HNIC. long story, but I’d never seen it until last month. and once you get used to watching live feeds of Canadian TV on the internet, you’ll NEVER WANT TO WATCH ANYTHING ELSE. or maybe that’s just me.

I mean, I’ve been to Tim Horton’s (in Buffalo and Providence), but never seen an ad for one. they have reasonably-priced lattes and the whole office was excited! then I saw an ad for the Canadian military! and apparently, there’s Subway and Taco Bell up there, too. (note: while I saw the glittering lights of Windsor yet again, just a few days ago, I haven’t actually set foot in Canada since 2001.) and don’t even get me started on Boston Pizza (which I looked up after the seeing the name in a rink): bell pepper pizza with guacamole and sour cream on it? a pierogi pizza? how horrible/wonderful does that sound? time to renew my passport!
and, of course I finally saw THIS:

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