month two begins (and I explain "chippy")

so, Sunday marked one glorious month of this blog (the first couple weeks were on Tumblr; it's still archived there and I might drop in occasionally). I thought I should say a little something (this is also post #50 here, though you never know, I might delete an old one or two).

Saturday night I kept the Penguins broadcast going after their game with the Rangers, and I'm glad I did:

ha! I picked the blog name because "chippy" was an interesting sports (especially hockey) term and it seemed like most hockey terms and slang were already taken for blog names (I also didn't want anything Blackhawks- or Chicago-specific in the name). I Googled the word just to make sure I had the definition correct and stumbled across another meaning:

so the name wouldn't just be a hockey term, it'd be a double entendre. wonderful! I rushed off to start the blog! the first post here is (go figure) a general introduction, but I have yet to write my pieces on 1) how I actually got into hockey and 2) what it's like to follow sports for the first time in my life oh and 3) probably something unnecessary about being a female sports blogger.

in sports blogging I'm starting out as a complete nobody, but I'm already moderately well-known, at least in Chicago (and among architecture and urbanism types) for my other blog and Flickr: stuff about cities and neighborhoods, trains and transit, bicycles, food, books...and most infamously, sneaking into and taking photos of lots and lots of abandoned buildings. I started this blog so I wouldn't bore people in those other venues with too much hockey content.

it's fun but challenging to make a new start. Fallen Leafs (on Tumblr) was the first blogger I corresponded with, Hockey Gone Wild was the first to comment and blogroll me here, Fire Wagon Hockey and Buckeyes are Deadly Nuts were next, and Buckeyes was the first to mention me (and call me "seriously funny"). check them out! (over there, on the blogroll) thanks, everyone so far (possibly at some point other Blackhawks bloggers will even notice me); I look forward to providing you with many more odd screenshots, rambling game descriptions, irrelevant personal news, dumb jokes, and the occasional bit of insight.

...housekeeping: made a few minor changes here today. I'll also add direct links to my Flickr photos of the arenas and ballparks I've visited. now I really need to work on my neglected other blog...


blogger said...

Hey K, tip for ya, to display more posts go to
Blogger layout
Page Elements
click to 'edit' link for the posts, mine is labeled 'Blog Posts'
you should get a window that allows you to adjust several things, including how many posts you want to display
-From the Point

k of c said...

Wow, I thought I'd looked at everything on page elements but I missed that, thanks. (I wish the columns were wider here, too.) I should edit that bit out of the original post; I wasted a lot of space on another blog posting I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing stuff...

Aubrey said...

Hockey, the sport where everything that's said can be taken the wrong way so that it sounds dirty. Ha, ha, chippy tramps!

bkblades said...

E-mail has been acting up lately, but sorry for not responding in due kind to help on the maddening difficulties in tumblr (I'm always on a I like you, I like you not phase with that site). I forgot (nearly) you had a blogspot here, so I'll be sure to keep checking!

Though it looks like I'm rather intrigued by your other blog/flickr account as well, so my interests will be widely spread out. In any case, don't hesitate on contacting me for hockey, sports, or bloggage correspondence. Regards.