Chicago vs. Calgary 11/19/09

WHO OWNS THE FLAMES? well, technically, N. Murray Edwards, Harley N. Hotchkiss, etc.; but colloquially? the BLACKHAWKS. 7-1 win in Calgary. nice start to 6-game road trip, nice 21st birthday for Patrick Kane. (I didn’t get around to posting about that in a timely manner, like to say that in his next drunken altercation, at least he’ll be breaking one fewer law. and that he should drink a few for me, since I was too lazy to walk the extra block to the liquor store today, and only had a bottle of Schlitz to get me through the game tonight.) so much stuff I won’t even try to recap it now.

in other news, the Leafs game was heartbreaking and the Bruins game was agonizingly close (but they won, and Lukic is back). in other other news, I'm still moving the Tumblr blog content over here (this sentence won't make sense when it looks like I've been doing this blog continuously since October...) but that'll have to wait till I get up and have caffeine again.

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