yes, it’s a fight… Sidney Crosby. instead of the requisite Halloween festivities for adults my age (dressing up in “slutty” costumes/ogling those in slutty costumes) I stayed in on a cold night with a frozen supreme pizza (yeah, so I ate the whole thing tonight, but not in one sitting!) and the internet and the (rain-delayed) World Series, except I couldn’t find an online feed and my TV was in the other room, so I only watched hockey. suspenseful Leafs @ Habs game (would have preferred the Leafs to win, but at least they [finally?] scored first, and wrecked the Canadiens’ comfortable lead late in the game, as Montreal fans were singing a goodbye song—ha!). and I figured I might as well take a look at the Wild @ Penguins game, and…FIGHT!

…I thought I could use my extra hour for daylight savings tonight to watch the video of Crosby’s (relatively minor, but still—it’s Crosby) beatdown of Marek Zidlicky, and the rest of Crosby’s entire NHL fighting career. okay, that still left 57 minutes. plenty of time to reheat the pizza and wait for my bottle of Great Lakes Brewing’s “Edmund Fitzgerald” beer to cool. turns out this was Sid’s 4th fighting major (the others were 12/20/07, 1/3/09, 4/5/09, thx!).

should you need to see it for yourself, it’s right here. I don’t know if the Pittsburgh crowd considered that a “treat” tonight, but it’s a hell of a lot rarer than just seeing the Pens winning. which, btw, they didn’t, so congrats to the Minnesota Wild for their first road win of the season (and against the current Stanley Cup champions, of course). now they won’t tie the 0-9 road start of the Ottawa Senators in 1992-9OH MY GOD, LOOK, RIGHT HERE is where you see me give up having any hope of a social life ever again. well, hope all of you who “went out” and “had fun” and “talked to people” enjoyed it!

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