silly headlines (Chicago newspaper edition)

As one of the few American cities to still have two daily newspapers, Chicagoans are treated to TWICE the chances for silly sports headlines. At first I thought these were the same paper, because I've often mixed them up after the Tribune partially switched to the Sun-Times' tabloid format. But nope, they BOTH did it. Here, actual photos of actual newspapers I bought!

After game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals:

Not just a groaner, but he's, uh, SLOVAKIAN. Sure, maybe it was one country when he was born there, but you're supposed to say Czech Republic or Slovakia now, right?

After game 2:

I haven't seen puns like this since during the Olympics (did I post much then? bet I have some extras I didn't use). Maybe the recent world championships had some too. I can accept it when the competition is between different countries, but it seems extra-silly during NHL playoffs.

Oh well, the Chicago newspapers just aren't used to having to write THIS much about hockey, are they? Today was the latest date the Chicago Blackhawks have ever played.

I don't know if the papers will have anything good for game 3, but the postgame from

Did I post a Giroux one already? I know they have fun with Leighton, too.


Aubrey said...

The first one is really unforgivable. How hard is it to look up Kopecky's birthplace? It would be so easy to check that I almost believe they knew he was Slovakian, but chose to use the "Czech Cashed" headline anyway because someone thought it was clever.

Ken Socrates said...

These people are going to Pun Hell. Which is not a nice place, trust me. I speak from experience.

Anonymous said...

you two make a lovely couple............................................................