Happy...uh...February 2011

So I missed the whole blog-every-day-in-November thing, I missed noting any of the winter holidays including the New Year. And um, I've missed reading all your blogs, aside from links through Twitter. I'm still not "back" though, as I've gotten my Mac overhauled/fixed just to discover I had external drive issues and it's still a mess and I still have thousands of photos I haven't been able to upload yet and...I'm tired of discussing that. More importantly, there's been a lot of personal stuff outside the scope of what I'd try to discuss on a relatively lighthearted sports blog. But maybe on the other blog (City of Destiny) I've neglected!

Chicago sports have been a little less than inspiring recently, what with what happened to the Bears (2010-11 was the first time I ever followed the NFL somewhat regularly. Hey, I should have blogged that! I even went to a game), and the Blackhawks' struggles, and even junior hockey's Chicago Steel, who yesterday dropped their 22nd straight game (no wins since Nov. 20). Same day as the Cleveland Cavaliers lost their 25th straight (no wins since Dec. 18), setting a new NBA record. As lousy as some things have been for me recently, at least I haven't done THAT.

It's clear I'm not cut out, at least this hockey season, to do a daily or otherwise frequent sports blog covering the season of any specific team or league. I've relied on Twitter in its original concept as a microblogging site, especially since I finally got a smartphone as a Christmas gift and can at last post during my adventures. But I hope to be back here with random collectibles, photoessays of my sports trips (which have continued this year), goofy screenshots, and the occasional rant.

Oh, this photo--did you hear Chicago got a lot of snow last week? At least my bike is in a safer place than this one...


http://www.ehow.com/members/stevemar2-articles.html said...

You mentioned the 25th straight loss by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Congratulations to them on making NBA history! The next step for them is to make history by having the longest losing streak in the four major professional sports leagues. They can do this by losing their next two games. Maybe we’ll get really lucky and see them lose the rest of their games this season. That would give them a record of 8-74, and they would set the NBA record for fewest wins in a season.

Sal said...

Even though you did not blog every day in November, I want to thank you for mentioning National Blogging Month (or whatever it's called). That spurred me to update both Puck Junk and Sal's Hockey Autographs every day in November (and even in December up to Christmas). You've inspired (at least) one person to blog, so I guess that's a good thing too.

Calena said...


So I'm not into hockey that much but I do like to keep up with what parties are going on in Chicago. I came across this one and just wanted to let you know about the Chicago Blackhawks Appreciation party coming up this Thursday, 2/24. It's being hosted by Billy Dec, the guy who owns the restaurants and club that the Blackhawks went to last year with the Stanley Cup after their win. There's gonna be awesome giveaways from tickets to swag to food and drinks, and TVs showing the game. Thought you'd like to share with your readers! It's free too :)

Here's a link to the info: http://bit.ly/dMJ1FW