a city on edge...

...AND THAT CITY IS VANCOUVER! Heh, I'm a little excited the Blackhawks managed to pull off the Easter Sunday Game 6 win against the Canucks and force Game 7 (or "a decisive Game 7!" as every report seems to need to say).

Oh, that was amazing. People have no reason to believe me on this (except that I never lie) but I got a feeling well into the overtime of that game that Ben Smith could be the hero with the game-winning goal, and quite unexpectedly to nearly everyone, he was.

Just a few minutes after the game, my Boston-area friend who took me to my first-ever hockey game (Blackhawks) called and we chatted about the playoffs so far. Twenty-some minutes about sports and then he mentioned a family member's wedding at the end of the call. Heh. It's been an exciting few days.

Obviously I'd LOVE for the Hawks to win (almost more to erase the Bruins' playoff choke of 2010 as the most recent, than for them to continue, as I wasn't honestly expecting them to go very far in the playoffs) but I am genuinely okay if they don't. Playing well, not getting swept, giving us an incredibly entertaining series, and putting fear into Vancouver (and much of Canada, even) were great; a win would be gravy at this point.

(I took this photo Saturday, before Game 6, since that could have been the end. It wound up prominently placed in a Puck Daddy post today! Which is nice, as I haven't even tried to have anything on any other sports blogs anywhere all year.)

a note

First I was too busy/lazy to write about the beginning of the 2011 NHL playoffs, then Chicago fell behind 3-0 and it was too depressing, then every game INCLUDING THE ONE TONIGHT became an elimination game and I'm too nervous to say anything. If the season ends I'll be forced to write a real piece! And spend the rest of the playoffs finally posting my photos from the past year! I'm not ready! But I had to say something! Also, Happy Easter if you celebrate it! I wish I had a lot of candy right now but I don't but for one reason or another I'll be getting a lot of candy on clearance tomorrow!