Blackhawks at Bruins 2011

It's the one scheduled game of the season between my two favorite NHL teams. I saw both of their games against each other last season, both Blackhawks wins. I've been following these teams all year even if I've barely blogged it, and not been too vocal on Twitter so I don't scare off my non-sports followers. (The @alittlechippy account will be back when I get a new password, I guess.) I've been a lot more pleased with how the Bruins have been this year, but still root more for the Blackhawks, since I live in Chicago and all. Theoretically I was extremely excited for tonight, but alas, didn't feel up to doing a preview. Watching it, I'm not sure I want to say anything about the game.

But this is the first time I've actually signed into Blogger to post here since, oh, late spring 2010, (I just restarted my other blog again and am updating it; can't imagine how out-of-date the blogroll here is) so there's a photo. Yes, it's kind of St. Patrick's-esque and it's late March, but I took it after St. Patrick's, a store window in downtown Winnetka (north suburban Chicago). It's a butcher shop or deli or something; have no idea what that can of "Digestive" is!

I'll be around in some form for the NHL (and other league) playoffs. Too much stuff not to post. Computer issues are better, but I need to reinstall my scanner so I can post cool weird things again.


Ian S Carr said...

HEY! It's a can of McVittie's! They're like a very light, fluffy cookie. If you can imagine such a thing. More like a graham cracker. Great with tea or milk.

I don't usually see those outside of Canada.

Brule Laker said...

Really wanted to see this game but no Versus at home. After arguing with my daughter about watching at her apt., I ended up going. Wasn't worth arguing about . . . left after it was 3-0.