I liked how the last NHL season ended. (Uh, sorry to leave you like that!) And thus, how this one began, as I scrambled to find a working feed online at 6 pm Central time, as I begin my third season of NHL watching still cable-less. (But now with speakers on my computer. Seriously, I've been using it, what, 4 years, with only the sound that comes out minus speakers. Sometimes I'd use headphones, but it's nice not to be tethered to the computer.) I got to see this entire Philadelphia at Boston game (which did not end as I'd like) and all minus a few minutes of the Pittsburgh at Vancouver game (I liked that one a little better.)

I can now say I've posted every day of the NHL season. We'll see how long I keep this up. Though hockey is still far and away my favorite sport, I'm watching baseball with moderate enthusiasm now as well...hoping to see more soccer and rollerderby and football in 2011 too. I make no promises about what happens with this blog, but I like the IDEA of coming back...

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