Hockey Leap Day!

I can't resist posting on this admittedly inactive blog (I save my hockey insights, such as they are, for Twitter, at least the 2 or 3 sports-related tweets I think my non-sports-fan followers can handle per day; I need to restart the Twitter account with this blog's name) on Leap Day (which is also my half-birthday, not that anyone over the age of 5 talks about their half-birthday).

Because, well, last Leap Day, Feb. 29, 2008, I was not a sports fan at all, much less following hockey. I'd lived in Chicago for many years without ever going to any game. In spring 2008 I went to my first baseball games while living in Chicago, and in early 2009 my first hockey game ever. Rest is history, blah, blah.

I have nothing special to offer today except a quick look at screenshots captured from the 4 NHL games on today. (I was barely a minute too late on Twitter to get a chance to go to the Maple Leafs at Blackhawks game free, and didn't go out to the San Antonio Rampage-Chicago Wolves game, so I've still never been to a hockey game on Leap Day.)

(Not just hockey, UPDATED TO ADD late news tidbit I found irresistible: in San Antonio, the Chicago Bulls got their 29th win of the season with 29 points from Derrick Rose, on the 29th, and I believe they have 29 games left in the season.)

(Besides Maple Leafs at Blackhawks, there's Penguins at Stars, Sabres at Ducks, and Blues at Oilers.)

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