This is my obligatory post to pop in during a fairly exciting NHL playoff season (though the only hockey playoff game I've gotten to see live was Abbotsford in Milwaukee yesterday) and say I'M NOT READY FOR HOCKEY TO BE OVER IN CHICAGO. (Or in the Midwest generally, aside from Kalamazoo and St. Louis, and that's how it's looking now.)

Chicago Steel: didn't make the USHL playoffs, though they did better than their previous season record of winning...9 games.

Chicago Express: missed making the ECHL playoffs because of a tiebreaker. Oh, and then folded after their first season. (I need to break my blog silence to post about THAT. Sigh.)

Chicago Wolves: down 2-0 in a best-of-5 (new playoff format this year) to San Antonio in the AHL playoffs.

And Chicago Blackhawks...arrrgghhh....well, c'mon. I'm not ready to (not) post about other NHL teams, or NBA playoffs, or soccer or baseball...

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