Blackhawks-Canadiens game recap

we started off pretty good against the fucking Habs but those goddamn dirty Canadiens had to tie it right at the end of the second period but then we scored with 4 minutes left and oh those fucking dirty Habs fans were crushed when we won

uh, I got into hockey via a Bruins fan, it might affect the way I discuss certain teams. anyway, this was a satisfying Original Six match, and I’d like to point out that I’ve seen the Hawks play 3 different Canadian teams at United Center, and all the Canadian teams lost (so I should have been at the recent Canucks game as a good luck charm?). and it doesn’t feel like a real hockey game unless I get to hear both national anthems…

en francais:

hmm, I looked at the English version, same photo but it’s “Habs Can’t Push Past Hawks” and “Moen’s score ties it in the second, but Montreal eventually falls to Chicago.” my French is rusty since high school but I can tell that’s not a translation.

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