great moments in Canadian journalism

so I got home from the Blackhawks vs. Wild game Monday night and immediately found the Maple Leafs-Ducks game online. I’m not a Leafs fans [ETA: actually, I've become a bit of one since I originally posted this] but there are Leafs blogs I really like and they were getting really depressing, so I’m glad the team finally got a win, 8 games into the season. (there go the Detroit Lions jokes I was working on…) I quickly Googled “Toronto news” and clicked on various TV and newspaper sites. only the Star made a big deal of it right away. A BIG DEAL:

an hour or two later this was gone, and the regular news page, with a top story about a teenager who died of swine flu oh wait I’m from Iowa the pork industry won’t like that H1N1, was back. here’s my poor-quality screenshot of the win:

yes I’m late with this but I only came up with the idea for this blog yesterday afternoon.

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