dubious out-of-context quotes from hockey interviews, #2 in an ongoing series

wow, I haven't had one of these since the first day of this blog. so I haven't been listening closely enough? this feature has no redeeming value whatsoever. but you can never go wrong with innuendo on a hockey blog...

Mike Haviland, Blackhawks assistant coach, on WGN radio after the 12/1/09 game vs. Blue Jackets, asked about Cam Barker:
"...he is a big thick man."
okay, once you've heard the first line that could prompt a TWSS! it all sounds like that: "he goes at his speed...it's nice to be with him every day" I'LL STOP NOW.

anyway, it was fun to hear him talk about "Barksy," "Seabsy" (or "Seabs"), and "Duncs." how cute!

a real blog post about this amazing game, in the morning. back to serious blogging!
note: I decided to bury this one next to the prior entry in this series, just to be "difficult." it's dated 10/29 but actually happened in December!

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