brief pointless announcement

Okay, there's some juicy news and debates and such going on in hockey right now I've got to address, and I've found some new things to add to the blogroll, but I'm just popping in from my isolation for this terribly self-referential item:

No, I haven't created an all-sports Twitter account (sorry, non-sports-fan followers of @kofchicago), I just thought I should take @alittlechippy as a screenname. Because IT DIDN'T OCCUR TO ME TO DO SO TILL I'D DONE A BLOG OF THAT NAME FOR OVER SIX MONTHS. Yup, feeling more than a little stupid about that. Also...a little hurt that no one else tried to get the name. Just think, any of my readers could have taken it and sold it to me at a profit (Twitter is free so I'm not sure "profit" is the correct term there).

Anyway, I haven't wanted to put a hockey background on my main account, much less change my name to a Blackhawks/hockey-specific name like some people I follow are doing now. So it was fun to create another account. I think I'm going to use it to list (but not follow) all the good sports-related Twitter accounts I can find, post links to blog entries and to a sports-related photo of the day (from my Flickr account, most likely.) Also, it'd be a fun place to post a hockey card or other scan of the day...those Hockey Scouting Reports I have from twenty years ago need to go somewhere. Add it if you want a quick way to keep up with what I'm doing (I haven't gotten around to a Facebook fan page for A Little Chippy, but given the Facebook exodus right now I'm not sure I want to bother), but I use @kofchicago to actually interact (i.e. that's where I'd rather follow people).

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