playoff headlines, finally

I have a backlog of these from the entire NHL playoffs (and possibly a few from the regular season). Stupid computer trouble tonight sapped my energy to write an essay I needed to, so just this quick post for now. A nice thing about these unpredictable playoffs--new stars have emerged! AND NEW PUNS!

Two consecutive playoff shutouts for the Flyers' Michael Leighton. Flyers up 2-0 over Canadiens. And now have a ridiculous 13 unanswered goal streak. This was the headline after the first game, pointed out to me by @antistrophe on Twitter (from the Flyers' website, not the front page--I'd been forgetting to check team sites):

Meanwhile, another fantastic Blackhawks win to put them up 2-0 over Sharks--but no amusing headlines, dammit! I'll just have to be content with their tying the NHL record for most consecutive playoff road wins (7), and setting a new franchise record with that.

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