uh-oh, gloating Blackhawks fan

well, it's okay to do this late in the game or after it, I suppose. the Blackhawks playoff performance just crystallizes why I don't engage in predictions or trash talk (and also, now I have the most disastrously awful luck in choosing playoff games to go to--sure, the first one--and horrible loss--of each series, not the glorious wins).

not much time for real blogging again, accumulating material though. photos like this (as you can tell I prefer to post my own photos and screenshots and not use news photos too often) are why I should fire up the ol' Tumblr blog again, which if you're late to A Little Chippy, you might not know is where I started. then I left because with a few exceptions I didn't know anyone there and there wasn't much of a hockey community. now EVERYONE seems to be on Tumblr instead--it's even overtaking Twitter. (oh, and just because you CAN auto-post your Tumblr posts to Twitter, doesn't mean you SHOULD, people...how about picking a few faves of the week, not dozens of images a day? just sayin'.)

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