random items on a nervous afternoon

1) Nervous because of the Flyers-Bruins game 7, of course. I'm afraid to say anything about it. Hockey Gone Wild has good coverage, of course, whereas I've barely said anything about the Bruins (or any other team) this postseason. (As I was writing this, NPR's "All Things Considered" had a piece about the game 7, quoting Mark Recchi, Milan Lucic, and talking about historic stats about series comeback. I'll link when it's posted.)

2) I'm also a little nervous about the Idaho Steelheads-Cincinnati Cyclones first ECHL playoff game tonight. Though I was more nervous about the previous rounds (selfishly wanting it to go further so I could see the Cyclones again. I might get to...).

3) The Chicago Reader (major weekly paper here) came out with its "Best of Chicago" ballot, and I noticed something:

Hmmm...isn't a Chicago team missing in the sports bar category? The, uh, winning one? I got in touch with the Reader, they admitted it was an oversight, and said they'd add it to the next online and print edition. One person CAN make a difference! About something not all that important, but hey...

4) Thursday night was the only night since NHL playoffs started with NO game on. I actually went to a movie with a friend! No games Saturday night, either--I should ask Canadians what they do when there's no Saturday "Hockey Night in Canada." (Okay, I'm never at a loss for things to do; I'm just unfortunately broke this weekend. It would have been a good night to stay in and watch sports online.)

5) We had to go to a late showing of the movie, so I didn't know till I got home well after midnight that the Celtics beat the Cavaliers in their NBA playoff series last night. I was kind of surprised that happened. I believe all ten Twitter Trending Topics for Boston were related to the game (I'd like to see that many for the Bruins). Now what do I do with the giveaway Cavs Snuggie I got at a Lake Erie Monsters game?! Wait, I never knew what to do with it in the first place. (I admit I would have been fine with Cleveland winning it all, just so they could get past the infamous Cleveland sports championship drought...)

6) I'm finally getting this computer stuff that's been troubling me for weeks fixed, so I can stop mentioning it. I shouldn't make any promises about what I'll post, but I'll hint that I have a huge backlog of NHL.com headlines, Twitter nonsense, AHL & ECHL stuff, hockey books I bought on my recent Detroit trip..

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