Blackhawks-Bruins, part 2: Hawks win 5-2

hey, that's not a bad headline (and bonus points for "Could it be
Satan?," regardless of how that name is actually pronounced). this was an exciting game to be at, though very different from Bruins @ Blackhawks last month. since it'll be a few days before I'm at my own computer, no real recap/photos yet. but I will say this: my Boston-area friend (who got me into hockey in the first place), who is also a Bruins & Blackhawks fan, wore his Duncan Keith jersey tonight (Keith is his favorite NHL player) (and loaned me a Hawks away jersey I wore for a while tonight), and I wore my Keith shirt (because I haven't saved up for any jersey yet), and damn if Keith didn't score TWO goals (only his second 2-goal game; the first was 2006) AND get an assist AND become #1 star of the game. (along with Kane and Toews, which just felt like rubbing it in to Boston--"hey, look, ALL our big-stars-with-new-contracts!") I'm not sure he's even scored in a while...but he did it for us! oh, and Blackhawks had to continue their streak of always winning when I see them--every Chicago game, plus Pittsburgh and Boston. (sadly, Boston has lost every game I've seen them play, but two were against the Hawks.) I wanted the Blackhawks to win (though I'd have felt fine if the Bruins won), but didn't want to see the B's lose that badly. as a nice Midwestern girl (uh...) I feel a little guilty.

oh hey, you should read this post at Hockey Gone Wild since it mentions me! and you should read the other posts there because I enjoy that blog quite a bit; if I hadn't ended up a Bruins fan due to the friend mentioned above (and past family connections to the Boston area), HGW might have been enough to convince me...

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Ken Socrates said...

Glad you enjoyed the game last night, K. I hope none of the local lunkheads was too abusive to you in that Hawks jersey. I don't think it inspires the same ugliness as would a Rangers or Habs shirt so no worries.

Bruins looked outclassed completely after about the half-way mark of the first period, exactly the sort of inconsistency that's driving fans a little crazy here.

Lucic came back and Savard went down so the injury bug remains a problem. At this point, I'm thinking we need to reassess after the Olympics to see where the team really is going forward because right now they just can't compete against a team like the Hawks who are clearly at the top rung of the NHL ladder.

And thanks for the support, as always. That black Nissan Altima tailing you all the way down to Providence tonight?

Pay no attention to it whatsoever.