oh no not celebrity news again

how is it that print journalism is dying, as in many newspapers and magazines shutting down/cutting back...but celebrity magazines seem to have only increased in number in recent years? I don't know, but I found myself at Walgreens the other day looking at the Jan. 11 2010 issue of 5 magazines (People, Us, In Touch, OK, and Star) to see what each had printed about the Mike Fisher--Carrie Underwood engagement. OK and Us mentioned her engagement on their covers. but I bought In Touch because, well, it had the biggest cover on Brittany Murphy's death and I figured I could get one magazine related to that...they gave the story a whole page, and were the only one with an action shot of Fisher, and a quote from another hockey player (Chris Neil):

I promise to keep you upda--er, no, not to write about this again, except when there's wedding coverage (Down Goes Brown had better have something about that...).

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