Blackhawks @ Goodwill & other notes

I'm working on getting some goodies from my trip posted, plus there's recent hockey fights to discuss, but a few quick items...first, a typo I'm sure has been made many times before:

...but after that Milan Lucic Total Temperature Control commercial, all I can think of is Zenon Konopka doing an ad for a lighting store!

well, it's Goodwill, so what if all the letters aren't in "Wednesday"--at that price, does it matter? now theoretically I could go to this tomorrow, I do like Arlington Heights (a northwest suburb near O'Hare) but I'd have to figure out how to get there, and I've never actually met any hockey players or put much thought into what I'd say to them if I did (okay, I dream of running into athletes at some random place, but not where I'd have to wait in line)--just that hey, they're doing a great job (and sotto voce hint that Fraser should leave the fighting to someone else).

I mentioned the lights-out game the other night. the other oddity was the laser at a Flames-Canucks game from some creep in the audience, and a big fight in the KHL. both those link to Deadspin pieces because as always there's some amusing comments. in the case of the laser story, there's also a bit about the questionable goal at the Flyers-Penguins game, and that brought out something I rarely see in Deadspin comments--people who like different teams arguing and mudslinging. (strange that something that ruins comments sections on almost any other popular sports site is so rare there--of course they do have a stricter policy for commenting which I've never tried to figure out, mostly because I don't think I have anything funny to add.)

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