How to Tend Goal: Better Ice Hockey for Boys, 1965

so last week I posted the Dit Clapper cigarette ad from 1941 and called it one of the greatest things I've ever seen. this is another. I first saw this book in Rodney's Bookstore in Cambridge, MA when my friend showed me the store last year. it's an amazing 6000 sf, 2-story used bookstore. just the baseball section is as big as the entire sports section in most used bookstores. I looked at the hockey books last time and thought this one was cute, but didn't buy it then because I wasn't really into hockey. this time I knew what nearly all the (mostly hard-to-find, out-of-print) hockey books were about, so I bought a few. I'll share them with you, but first my favorite part of Better Ice Hockey for Boys:

love this guy! I'm tempted to use his photo as my icon on SB Nation, at least until someone asks if it's a childhood photo of myself (I'm kind of gender-neutral when posting there). maybe more resemblance than I'd like *cries*

anyway, here's the rest of the goaltending section; of course you'll want to click on these to view large and get all the advice (I never try to resize these, so it shows up way too big when you do that)



the book is by George Sullivan, a freelance writer and WWII Navy veteran born in Lowell, Massachusetts. the goalie pictured above is named in the credits and I tried searching his name online...


Ken Socrates said...

So that's where the "pick the fattest kid on the team and stick him in goal" mentality started then, did it?

Maybe it's just the padding.

k of c said...

I read Plimpton's "Open Net" on my Boston trip (loved it!) and the consensus there is that goalie is the least-desired position, so it's kind of a last-one-picked-for-the-team thing, I guess.

The kid in the rest of the book is skinny, blond, and looks like he could be doing Gap or Nike ads or something!