stupid Ottawa. arrghhh

I don't have anything much more profound than that to say now. I was in Indianapolis briefly today (weird, I saw lots of people wearing jerseys for a sport that isn't hockey!) and then tonight was discouraging for many reasons, including the Blackhawks' one game vs. the Senators this season (sadly, the first away Hawks game for a Chicagoan I've met through a blog). I could discuss it but this sums it up:

yes, I've used this EXACT SAME bit before...the other time this came up onscreen in a Hawks game this season, that was a painful loss too. anyway, Blackhawks lost 4-1. the lone Hawks goal was by former Senator Marian Hossa (hey, at least I think he didn't get booed in this city, unlike Pittsburgh and Detroit) when they were down 2-0.

this was the 3rd game on an 8-game trip, and I figured they'd lose some. but they played so badly tonight. AND it probably bothered me a lot more because the Senators beat the OTHER team I follow, 5-1, yesterday in Boston. possibly the only good thing about that one was this girl who did a fine job singing both national anthems.

maybe some other game notes later. I've also accumulated quite a few links to share, and they're not even all about hockey...

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Aubrey said...

Maybe "technical difficulties" is a sign saying "Might as well go do something else."

Stupid Senators. I've been rather vocal about them sucking this year and now they're playing halfway decent and making me look like an idiot. (Well, a bigger idiot that usual.)