were you looking for a Brett Favre cake?

the followup to my previous post on Flickr search results. "Brett Favre cake" actually came up in results a while back...probably several times. and here's a photo I got of one at the Milwaukee Art Museum late May 2008, for a wedding (not one I was invited to, I was just visiting from Chicago for the day). obviously he was with a different team at the time...I wonder if it's too late to send this to Cake Wrecks or Deadspin or something.

posted because I think there's still football going on this weekend. but I'll be in Columbus for the Blackhawks game tomorrow, and back Sunday. have a great (start of the) weekend!

if you click on it you can access my Milwaukee photo set, and there's some cool stuff in there including my friend (who almost played pro hockey) in a Hartford Whalers hoodie...again with the Whalers references!


Aubrey said...

Holy crap that's... Why is there a neck? Other than that it's... I'm sorry I can't get past the neck.

I hope Columbus is nice to you! (Especially since it's inevitable that the Hawks will win with you in attendance.)

k of c said...

Yeah, definitely a creepy cake!

Ha, you're right about the win. It was closer than I'd thought, though. Tons of Hawks fans there, too.

Columbus was fun. I didn't get to the library and a mall I wanted to see, and there's things I'd like to photograph on a less-foggy day, so I'm going to try for at least one more hockey day trip this season (not necessarily against the Hawks). More about all this later...I have leftover Tim Hortons donuts to have with coffee now!