"Holy guacamole, what a fight!"

okay, it's late, and I'm tired, and finishing the giant can of Molson I bought at the Albany-Renssalaer train station (but couldn't drink on the Amtrak back, unfortunately) feels like a chore at this point, as does blogging tonight...but I've gotta put up a couple fight videos, it's been a while. and it's been a busy week for NHL fights. checking hockeyfights.com for games just since Saturday, I noticed a high number of games with more than one fight. let's see:

Flames @ Canucks: 2 fights (I was watching this on a friend's computer on my trip, but only saw the 3rd, fightless period. quite an impressive Prust-Rypien battle)
Blues @ Kings: 3 fights
Avalanche @ Flames: 3, all in the 1st 4 minutes, including one only 20 seconds in! (forgot the start time on this one and missed them). this fight got a very high rating...the announcers are rather entertaining: "Holy guacamole, what a fight!" ...but you can find a more subdued feed with different announcers, one who uses the delightful phrase "haymaker city!"

Senators @ Thrashers: 2 fights
Blue Jackets @ Blues: 4, all in the 1st period
Canucks @ Wild: 3, all in the 3rd period
Bruins @ Ducks: 2, both in the 1st period
Capitals @ Lightning: 2, both in the 3rd period. one was (OF COURSE) Zenon Konopka, who actually got a win

and THIS one, where Ovechkin (!) moves to fight Downie (despite what the idiot announcers say about him not answering the bell) and Bradley hilariously jumps in. lots of debating about this one...I don't have strong feelings about these teams so I'm not going to offer much of an opinion (but I kind of wish Eager had done this for Toews in that Blues game the other week)

I finally noticed that not only is the Western Conference leading the NHL standings, but it looks to be leading in fights, too. not that there's a direct correlation; both the Sharks and Blues are in the top 10 of fighting majors, and they're having very different seasons. I know people keep stats on fights, but does anyone calculate those against other hockey stats? this all bears further investigation...maybe even by me.

(successfully resized these videos after the original post had them too large--thanks for the help)


Aubrey said...

I love Brian McGrattan fights and that was one of the better ones this year :)

They may not be the kind of stats you're looking for, but www.dropyourgloves.com keeps some interesting numbers.

k of c said...

I may sort of hate the Canucks, but Rypien always gets my attention. McGrattan & Prust, too. And of course Thornton & Lucic for the B's...And you can tell I'm a little obsessed with Zenon--fights so much, loses so often.

Thanks for the link. Heh, so there's 14 players ever (all leagues) with 5000+ career PIMs!

spyboy1 said...

To resize a youtube video, take a look at the code for the embedding. The very first part will contain this

object width="425" height="344"

Just change the numbers to whatever you want it to be, based on the width of your template's main column. The numbers also appear again at the very end of the code, so I change those to match.

I think just to make my life easier, I changed the width of my blog, which allowed me to then widen my blog's main column to match the jersey photo size I get from webshots, which just happend to match the 425 pixel size you often get from youtube so I don't have to resize every one of them. Occasionally the smallest you can get is 480, and those are the ones where I do have to go in and change the code with this method.

k of c said...

Thanks for the advice! I can't believe I missed that part of the code.

I did want to change the column size here, it's ridiculous there's so much wasted space with this template. I wasn't sure if that was something I could adjust or not but I'll try to play around with it today.