goalies gone wild!

if the most wonderful thing that can happen in NHL hockey is winning some sort of giant shiny trophy, then the second most wonderful is...a goalie fight. even better than a hat trick or thrilling overtime victory--I mean, c'mon, those happen pretty often (well, for some teams). best of all is of course goalies fighting each other, but any sort of goalie-related scuffle is exciting. here's two (neither of which are technically fights, so I had to find non-hockeyfights.com video)...

the one that got a lot of attention was this, Wednesday night in St. Louis Blues @ Montreal Canadiens (Blues won the game):

but thanks to this post at Sportress of Blogitude I found out Monday night in the Minnesota Wild @ Dallas Stars game (I was watching a different game, and I think I never found a live broadcast of this one), the Wild's backup goaltender Josh Harding battled the Stars'  Steve Ott:

Harding had fought a goalie in the minor leagues, according to a linked article. Wild lost 4-3.

in other hockey news, some sort of giant shiny trophy was briefly "lost" this week. OOPS.


Sal said...

OK, the Carey Price / Cam Janssen thing was bullshit. Price should have gotten the only penalty in that play.

Price was out of the crease, and thus fair game. Also, it looks like he hit Janssen into the boards. Janssen was playing the puck, and Price ran into him. That's fine if he wanted to stop Janssen, but the fact that he took offense to a hit that he initiated is why the call was BS.

Goalies are not sissies--they are grown men. If they don't want to get hit, then they should stay in their crease. If they want to check an opposing player, fine--just don't get mad about it and act like it's their fault.

As for the Ott / Harding thing....that's completely different. Ott started it, and Harding finished it.

Kind of a nice coincidence that two ex-Blackhawks (Darren Pang and Ed Olczyk) were the color commentators for these games.

k of c said...

Thanks for the remarks. I didn't want to comment a lot on this, just wanted to post unusual videos. I definitely agree Price was in the wrong place!