Annual NFL game time!

Looks like I've gotten into the habit of seeing one NFL game per season, mid-November. (I hope I can fit in another this year, though.) Eagles-Bears in 2010 (my first NFL game), then in 2011 I took my St. Louis friend Darren to a Broncos-Chiefs game (as part of a roadtrip from StL-Kansas City). A postgame shot as we walked around the stadium complex:

This year, I noticed Jets-Rams was at a convenient time and not too pricey on StubHub, so I bought tickets and I'm off to St. Louis Saturday morning for a Sunday game (like 2011, also with Darren and also a home team vs a team with Tim Tebow on it). Alas, I'll miss the Bears game in San Francisco while I'm on the bus home Monday, but they don't seem to have their best games when on national TV (*cough*last Sunday's game I forgot to even mention here*cough*).

In lieu of a preview, of course all I've done is gone to the teams' site and seen what the news is:

Healthy snacks? Switchfoot? "Desperate for a Win?" Ah well, it's still FOOTBALL.

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