Hockey under $5

So I have to start thinking about getting to more hockey games this season. I've seen Chicago Wolves at home once, Chicago Steel at home once, and the Blackhawks-related charity game. The early-season schedule's been a bit sparse for those teams, and I haven't yet started planning visits to Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and other cities I try to hit at least once a season.

Bloomington, IL is on my list as a hockey city I haven't visited yet. In the time I've been wondering about the best way to get there (going on my own to some cities means finding day games because there often aren't options to get back late at night--also why I never go by myself to Rockford), the team has changed from Bloomington Prairie Thunder to Bloomington Blaze, still in the CHL. I would be all over this deal if I lived there! Best I can do in Chicagoland is 12 Steel ticket vouchers for $70 (and I might, if I can find people to bring along to some games).

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