Los IceHogs

Here's what the Rockford IceHogs are doing as promotions at their game November 16. I'd say presented without comment, but I have to link to other's comments, since this became a big story. (And since I haven't checked the IceHogs site as often as other teams', I learned of this first through Puck Daddy.)

Here's the Puck Daddy story that set this off, "Pass or Fail: AHL Rockford IceHogs' Mexican fiesta Los IceHogs jerseys." Hundreds of comments! I don't want to read more than a few!

Then Deadspin jumped in with the bluntly titled "AHL Team Will Wear Racist Jerseys In Celebration Of Hispanic Heritage Weekend." "Ham-handed gesture," heh. Some decent comments there, and thankfully the "Voted Rockford's #1 Mexican Restaurant" Taco Bell billboard photo turned up.

IceHogs blog response to this (for permalink purposes, I can't link to the individual piece but I linked to the November 2012 category).

And the reaction when this was the daily poll (!) (okay, not that big a !, as they do some pop culture/less serious news polls, but still I was surprised) on WGN's morning news in Chicago today:

But without much context presented on the show, I don't know if "too far" means people think it's just ugly, if it means they think it's an insensitive stereotype, or even if they're bothered by the idea of the team having a Latino-themed promotion. Stay tuned for part 2, I guess (especially if I end up at the game somehow).

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