Yet more presidential bobbleheads

Okay, I admit I jumped back into this blog (and my other on Blogger, City of Destiny) for the challenge to post every day in November and I kinda don't have much the day after Election Day unless I wanted to look at pro athletes' tweets about election results (NO). Or of course I could post from my vast archives of photos, which I don't have time to search right now. So I googled "presidential bobbleheads hockey" and learned besides the Milwaukee and Rockford ones I mentioned the other day, at least two other AHL teams did them this year.

Peoria Rivermen

And Oklahoma City Barons, but there's no photo and I didn't find much more on the site. (Sure, if I look through everything I might...)

It's not just a hockey thing, although I find the idea of hockey player politician bobbleheads the most delightful. The Quad Cities River Bandits (Cardinals affiliate when this piece was written) did one this year too. Alas, not at the game of theirs I was able to attend this year.

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