National anthem brouhaha

Ahhhhh I DON'T WANT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS but I need something for today and it's in the news, so...

"High school hockey league nixes anthem to save time, money"

The story at Sporting News starts "A Pennsylvania high school league's attempt to save money on ice time is backfiring. Big time.

The PIHL, which governs competition in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, told the 183 schools in its purview to stop singing the national anthem before games as a means of saving time—and money."

Okay. I don't care about it one way or the other--taking the unpopular view that I don't even understand why national anthems are performed at anything other than international competitions anyway (I mean, even rollerderby does the anthem! Rollerderby! At all four of the different teams I've seen in Chicagoland this year)--but "backlash-guaranteeing" is right.

This story obviously got mentioned some places where the readers or listeners were ready to attack. I know at least one Fox News personality mentioned it, because a former Blackhawk who gets in Twitter arguments over his right-wing views (note: more than one fits that description) tweeted him mentioning it. A sample of comments...

"Boycat them!" Oh, there might not be a wacky internet comment I'll enjoy more this year. It actually gets worse with fears of losing guns getting thrown into this somehow (a story about high school hockey. HOW? WHY?).

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