Cubs win!

finally, three games into the season, Chicago won in Atlanta. I wasn't watching or even following along via radio or boxscore (oops) because of how much hockey went on today, but I thought I'd note this. I've been posting photos on Flickr this week from my last visit to Wrigley Field (and first where I had a lower-level seat, thanks to a friend--same one responsible for my first Fenway Park and first United Center visits), in July. I thought that would be a nice way to start the season or a good luck charm or something...but obviously not right away. clicking this photo will get you to the Wrigley Field set, shots from 2008 and 2009 visits.

believe it or not, this shot is of the only time I've had a beer at Wrigley. the shirt is an unofficial Chicago Transit Authority themed one, from the (wonderful) Chicago Architecture Foundation gift store.

um, back to Blackhawks and NHL playoff news soon, let's hope.

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