glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #17 & 18 in an ongoing series

a lot of weekend hockey excitement (and baseball!) but I've been working on getting non-computer stuff done so a quick one for now, after the hugely important Bruins @ Capitals game tonight:

that was the late-night version, and this was the immediately post-game version. I've heard "I Laich it a lot" used on blogs/Twitter or getting inspiration from jokes out there, or vice versa?

anyway...I didn't like that the Caps' first goal was a questionable one. and that the refs missed an obvious high-sticking double-minor against DC (I was in the kitchen briefly, came back and saw blood on the ice onscreen, found out it was Zdeno Chara's). at least the Bruins tied it 1-1 with 1.6 seconds left in the first, and got the point for going to overtime 2-2. could have been worse.

bonus from the front page:

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Ken Socrates said...

Bruins eeking a point out of the Caps at home wasn't such a bad thing. Keeps them in 7th place and the playoff hopes alive. The bad news is they have to come right back to the Verizon Center for the final game of the season. In desperate need of points, the last thing they needed was for two of their last 4 games to be on the road vs. the best home ice team in the league. Yeesh.