glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #20 in an ongoing series

...first up, I'm retiring that unwieldy name for this series (even if it's a prompt I don't have to type out every time)--I've used it enough. also, hitting item #20 is a nice place to stop numbering them and worrying what counts as an especially bad/silly headline. but of course I'll still post headlines and mistakes. jumping over some other playoff ones from I'll get to, here's tonight's:

it's not that Miro/Hero is all that bad, it's that I think this is also supposed to stand in for the joke they can't make. Miroslav Satan scored the goal against the Sabres 7-plus minutes into double overtime, the first double OT of the 2010 playoffs, and Twitter, and I'd imagine message boards/live-blogs/etc. erupted with "HAIL SATAN" and "Satan worship" and the like. of course it's not pronounced the same way, but it'll never not be amusing in print. since he's joined the Bruins well into the 2009-10 season, Satan has scored some game-winning or otherwise hugely important goals (for his Olympic team, too), and there's a round of "Could it be...Satan?" and "worshipping Satan," etc. every time.

anyway, FANTASTIC game, two huge wins in a row at home for the Bruins to take the series lead 3-1. more screenshots, fight videos, etc. when I get a chance. I almost went to an AHL game tonight...if I had I'd have been disappointed by the game itself and then enraged when I learned what I'd missed. (yes, it's one of those nights when watching TV [online] turned out to be better than going out). big AHL update tomorrow, and maybe something about the disappointing team I've been following in the playoffs, too. (I wasn't kidding about computer trouble in previous post, it's been two more nights of it since I wrote that. I might need a trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar...)

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