WGN's Blackhawks celebration

so Tuesday from around 11 am -- 3 pm, WGN held this event outside their studios (the Tribune Tower building on Michigan Ave.) I stopped by very briefly at 1, because I was meeting a friend with a couple other people in tow (for the photo adventure noted in the previous post).

there were games:

music: the band was playing a mix of "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama." ???

ice cream! I got a free cup. also got posters of Versteeg, Hossa, Toews, and Kane from another table, and a sample of alcohol-free hand sanitizer (useful after the abandoned silo visit later):

I'm not sure whose attention they were trying to get:

a couple Blackhawks-themed cars:

I didn't see anyone I knew, or have time to hang around and talk to anyone I didn't. I met my friend a few blocks south, and we went to two abandoned grain silo complexes (one in the south suburbs, one in Chicago), both of which I'd visited several times before. I hung out later with the Bay Area photographer with us (my friend had also shown her abandoned buildings in Gary, IN) and her niece, for Thai food and drinks in the South Loop. it was one of the only times I'd talked art since graduating as an art major (from the school next to the hotel/restaurant), and we talked a lot about Chicago and photography and travel and I had plum wine (very good) for the first time. I actually had a non-hockey-related social interaction (yes, I need to get out more). 

a beautiful spring day with free Blackhawks posters, abandoned buildings, talking art, and Thai food--yes, I've been distracted from blogging much this week. but I'm about to go to my first playoff game...for real this time.


jennbikegirl said...

I would suspect the song you heard was Kid Rock's "All Summer Long," which combines the two songs you mentioned. He's from Detroit and a big Red Wings fan though, so maybe not.

Aubrey said...

Lol at the Blackhawks cars. They remind me of the cars at the Italian festival. (Except those are usually pasted all over with flags and Italian "slang.")