Make the Team in Baseball (1960)

don't worry, I haven't turned this into a baseball blog all of a sudden (especially not with the way Chicago teams have been playing). I just wanted to share my excitement at this week finding this book I'd forgotten I owned. bought at a thrift store, obviously (could they NOT write the price in permanent marker on vintage book covers?!):

the team logos on the cover are stickers (they seem like fabric)--it was pointed out to me that some definitely had to be newer than 1960. there are more on the inside front cover:

I love the illustration on the back. there are other books in the series but this is the only one I own.

and a sample illustration from the inside. there are drawings and photos. not as much fun as the hockey instruction book I have from the same era, but I might have more to post from it. (I've also posted these on my secondary Flickr account where I post things like this.)

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Aubrey said...

I may need to refer to this post again for tips on my Wii baseball batting stance, lol.

I love when used books have notations from previous owners. I wonder what Paul Katalinica is doing now? Do you suppose he's still a baseball fan?