more SPHL mayhem: Fayetteville @ Knoxville

last Saturday night I was at my first junior hockey (USHL) game and it was my first time seeing a coach thrown out of a game. the same night in the AHL, Abbotsford Heat's coach, Jim Playfair, was thrown out of his game for what the Vancouver Sun called "one of the greatest sports tantrums of all time."  (a short video version here; yes, definitely more dramatic than what happened in the USHL game.) and I learned of the ridiculous Fayetteville FireAntz at Knoxville Ice Bears game in the SPHL. (you may recall I blogged another SPHL game this year, Louisiana IceGators vs Knoxville, which also wracked up huge penalty minutes and resulted in a coach thrown out. I confess I'm disappointed I won't get to see any games in this league this season.) this has been popular on YouTube:

I'm trying to figure it out from the boxscore but not entirely succeeding.

some penalties in the first, and the game was tied 2-2. then by the end of the second, when the brawl happened, Knoxville was up 5-3.

more trouble in the third...

and then...

final score 9-4. a few days later, 7 players and 2 coaches were suspended. tonight, these teams will face each other again...with a slightly different roster.

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