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so, I noted a while ago that Oklahoma City was going to get an American Hockey League franchise next year, and the Edmonton Oilers would use it as their affiliate, instead of the Springfield (Mass.) Falcons. what would happen to the Falcons? and why didn't the Anaheim Ducks have an AHL franchise? (it's been 29 AHL, 30 NHL teams this year). today: mysteries solved! the Syracuse Crunch will switch their affiliation from Columbus Blue Jackets to Anaheim, and Columbus will switch its affiliation to Springfield. Dark Blue Jacket, a CBJ blog I found rather late in the season and recently blogrolled, posted "Goodbye Syracuse"; and there's now an updated list by Scotty Wazz of the distance between each NHL team and its AHL affiliate.

other AHL news--I forgot to include the following in the previous "congratulations" post. last Friday, 3/19, vs the Rochester Americans, Binghamton Senators goalie Chris Holt became the 10th goaltender in the AHL's 74-year history to be credited with scoring a goal (the last instance was Drew MacIntyre of the Manitoba Moose, and now the Chicago Wolves...scoring against the Wolves)! I love seeing the goalie get patted on the head even before the game is over...

Wednesday I had a little adventure in Northwest Indiana with a couple friends (it was supposed to be all the way to Gary, but we lost an hour when the muffler fell off the car and we had to get it looked at). industrial sites, toxic fumes, beautiful decaying architecture, abandoned houses (which may have had cool stuff in them we stole rescued), cheap diner food, low sales tax--that's the Calumet Region for you! we had a nice walk through quaint downtown Whiting, known for its Pierogi Fest in July. I was disappointed the dollar store had every type of sports card except hockey cards...then I noticed a whole sports card shop (I'd seen this at Pierogi Fest but didn't go in because I wasn't paying attention to sports memorabilia at the time). Cheap Seats Sports Cards--it's 1504 119th St. in Whiting, but looks to be closing at the end of March and presumably staying online only (cheapseatscards.com). I got a bunch of cards from 2000-01, 2005-06, and 2006-07 and some photos from the late 1990s or so (game snapshots they'd made multiple prints of). of course I'll share some of the finds.

I don't know a great deal about sports cards as a business, so I'd like to read the new book by Dave Jamieson, Mint Condition: How Baseball Cards Became an American Obsession. it was excerpted on Slate on Wednesday. thanks to @Marcusist on Twitter for alerting me to this!

other news on Thursday, combining every topic of this post--a special (and pricey) collection of hockey cards featuring all the AHL goalies and famous AHL goalies of the past! (you can find this on the AHL's website)

oh, one other piece of news (which should be tagged "self-congratulatory nonsense") (and where's all the news about, oh, I don't know, the BLACKHAWKS, you might be wondering?). re: things I said at the end of the previous post. I came home Thurs. afternoon to this:

and laughed, yes, out loud, for quite some time. this made my day! until the Hawks game ruined it. but then I thought about it again and it's still cool. and congrats to DGB for getting in the New York Times hockey blog this week!


Aubrey said...

Curse my tight budgetedness, I want goalie cards :(

Looks like you are much in demand on Twitter! DGB is an awesome follower to have, but "the NHL is now following you" from yesterday kind of sounded like Gary Bettman was in your bushes, peeking through the window.

k of c said...

I know, that pack is $90! I could get half a jersey for that!

It's funny, I can't even get some people I know IRL to follow me back on Twitter, but the NHL? (they have about 2% as many following as followers) They respond to questions and retweet people's comments and photos, too.

But now I feel I have to be on better behavior...if they tweet "Watch highlights from Columbus' 8-3 win over Chicago" I can't say "NO, NHL, DIAF"!

the mel said...

In driving thru Indiana tonight, my gf and I decided that Indiana's state motto should be: "What's that smell?" I'm a little peeved at the state because the Cline Avenue bridge was out and they didn't even put up any signs - nothing like driving through the industrial areas in the dark. Argh!