glad I don't have to write sports headlines, #13 in an ongoing series

ah, with the resumption of NHL games, dorky headlines on are BACK! (not that they went away, as all the Finn and Czech puns during the Olympics proved.)

awwww. and I'm back to checking NHL standings. a certain team is #1 in the West again, but never mind that; here's an interesting stat I noticed when I was at the Oilers-Blackhawks game last night (yes, I got a Toews bobblehead and will post) while perusing stats in my copy of Committed Indian, and looking at the scores of the other games going on. since Washington got 3 goals in the game shown above, they're at 250 goals for the season, most in the NHL. the team with the fewest in the league is exactly 100 goals behind them. (sigh, it's Boston.)

kind of interesting that the teams with the most and fewest goals are both in playoff spots in the same conference. possibly more unusual than that, though, is that the #2 team in the east has 84 fewer goals than #1!

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Shelby Rose said...

I am so glad we're only one point out of the top of the heart.