wearing of the green (jerseys), part 1

yes, that means a part 2, where I will post more St. Patrick's Day-related hockey apparel and advance a slightly controversial opinion about such. first, here's a few things I found searching online on this beautiful spring-like (in Chicago) day. I've got to go out for a bit--now where's my "continue to ignore me romantically, I'm not Irish" button?

oh, I would LOVE to attend a St. Pat's-themed ECHL game (yeah this one's on the 19th...). I was at NHL (3/14) and AHL (3/16) games with some St. Patrick's festivities, but you've gotta go to the ECHL (or other minor league) level for the full amount of ridiculousness.

remember, the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back:

icejerseys.com gives us this, plus a similar one reading "IRISH" on the front:

I'm not wild about some green versions of current teams' shirts and jerseys, but I could be convinced to wear one for the long-gone Toronto St. Patricks team:

besides the green apparel for sale, NHL.com is commemorating 3/17 with this (here's the article):

remember, Chicago's got TWO Patricks right now! yeah!

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